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Into the World of Randomness Galore

Just my life story(kinda) for the ones that are bored enough to be on my page.

Destiel//You're Running Wild
Romeo/Juliet meets modern day Dean/Cas.

I'll Seek You Out, Flay You Alive.
I have been looking for an excuse to do a new video to this song and...got inspired. lol! The video starts off following demons and then later, starts following the angels of SPN.

Supernatural meets my randomness
This is what happens when I put my corny humor into videos lmao!
Inspired by myorli29 and maichan2.
Part 1:

And Part 2:

And it hurts again...
This is a video I made especially for Connie(http://youtube.com/tikityler9). The video is mainly about Sam and Dean's relationship as well as the roles that they are "destined" to play.

Supernatural//My First Kiss
3Oh!3 AND Ke$ha in one song for me to vid to? Works perfectly for me since their songs are..more fun than they should be to edit to lol!

Scribbled out the truth with their lies....
Your little spies. Oh Dean/Cas...how I can never stop loving you! This is just a video..showcasing Cas' frustration with Dean's mood swings lol!

Sammy's war in the head.

Pretty much, the video is just showing the struggle of control between Sam and Lucifer after Sam says yes; Lucifer trying to bring out everything he can to convince Sam to give up...and all of Sam's memories that help Sam keep fighting...And..in the end, Dean is that extra push that Sam needs. The jumbledness of the majority of the video..is supposed to represent how twisted Sam's head is with Lucifer renting a room in there.

Demons Need Love Too!

This is all about Demons...and the havoc/pain they cause lol!

Collabs make me squee inside!
My first ever collab with the epic chicks: ILoveThesePeople and TikiTyler9

Everyone Loves the Nerdy Angel
This is what happens when I get EXTREMELY bored lmao