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My Latest Video
As mentioned before, here is my latest video.

Storyline:So this is a whole love triangle between Chase/Pauline/Caleb. Chase and Caleb both have special powers, which they both reveal to Pauline, and as well as this, Chase has a hunger to have whatever Caleb has, hence the reason he wants Pauline. Pauline is in a state of confusion until she fully falls for Caleb. Chase, noticing the lack of attention, picks a fight with Caleb while Pauline tries and fails to break the fight off. After the fight, Caleb meets back up with Pauline to let her see who won the fight and who she now belongs to. *ooooo drama!!* lol!

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Wow! That was just awesome! Well done! I loved it. Definitely got to add that to my favorites. Loved your beat use and your editing is excellent. Very cool storyline too.

OMG. I seriousely LOVED it hun!

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