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New shipping alert!!!
For those who know me. I love weird ships and crossover ships so here is my newest attempt in my newest video. Behold...Bermione lol! Here is the video and the description from YT will be posted below. ;D

Sooo this is my birthday gift to XxxxPiratesxxxX!!! Haha! Love you hun and I hope you have an awesome day...two days before me lol! Ok, now for the story.
Hermione has lost Harry and Ron in the war and she tries to escape her feeling of abandonment by wandering far away from Hogwarts until she finds herself in Forks, Washington(how convenient). Anyway, Bella is also dealing with a loss but instead of death, her boyfriend Edward, a vampire for those who aren't familiar with Twilight, leaves her because he thinks he is to dangerous for her. Hermione runs into Bella and quickly falls for her. Bella, hating the idea of being alone and needing a way to fill her void of Edward, starts a relationship with Hermione and in turn, falling for her as well. Hermione and Bella are happy together at first but Bella's hole for Edward begins to pain her again, to the point where she begins hurting herself. Hermione tries to get Bella to stop and to tell her that she is going to have to deal with a life without Edward but Bella can't seem to get it. After Bella jumps off a cliff and almost drowns(Hermione saves her btw), Hermione finally realizes that she will never be able to get on without Edward. Coming up with a plan, Hermione goes back with her time turner to the moment right when Edward tells Bella that he is leaving. As Edward walks away, Hermione catches up with him to tell him that he can't leave Bella. Edward agrees to stay and Hermione travels back to the present. She comes back to find that Bella and Edward are together and happy. Hermione, at first, is sad about this but remembers that this is the only way that Bella will truly be happy. Before moving on to her next destination, Hermione crashes the Forks High prom where Bella and Edward smiles at her for keeping them together(obviously, Edward told Bella the story). that is it. The song title and artist is at the end of the video. Before anyone asks, the reason that Hermione didn't go back far enough to save Ron and Harry is because in this video, the time turner can't stop a death that has a fate of occurring and Ron and Harry's deaths are fate. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this video. I would like to give a thanks to a couple people.
*Swtchell*-She went through the whole PS I love you movie, just to find me a voice over, so I seriously thank you hun because you didn't have to do it but you did. *hugs*
*Rockabillyqueen11*-Because she gave me tips and pointers to help fix the video.
Also, thanks to everyone who gave me ideas for where to get the voiceovers! I really really appreciate it! *hugs to all* haha! ;D
Also, some of the voiceovers are hard to hear so here they are if you can't understand.
0:09 B: But I'm already yours. I thought I was doing everything right.
E:It's not your fault.
0:49 H:It's hurting again
B:He's not here. What is the point?
H:He really is out there isn't he.
1:48 B:Don't say it like I'm not dealing with it, I am.
2:36 B: I mean, you're alone no matter what
H:Shut up.
2:43 H:We are in this together.


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