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Yes..whoa because it has been almost a YEAR since I updated on this thing. Crazy? Yes! Anyway, current issue...I start back at school in a week. This shouldn't seem like a big deal but after having to stay out for a semester..AND transferring to a new school. I am definitely nervous about what to expect. Bigger campus, new traditions, new...things lol! Vidding has definitely been my distraction as the time winds down but..the date is coming up fast for me to move into my dorm. Speaking of vidding..I DEFINITELY won't be able to upload like 4 times a week because I will soon have SOMETHING to do lol! But, I have uploaded a new vidlet for none other than Dean/Cas

Yes..they are yummy. Lol!

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I'll send you a carton of cigarettes that you can hopefully trade for some transition effects. Beat up the biggest person there on your first day and you'll be alright. You rep the whole SC very well.

LMAO! I'll try to rep SC as best as I can but with 1000s of may be a bit tough. Someone is probably trying to steal the title already lol! And hmm..make that two cartons and you got yourself a deal =P

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