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New to this Site
So...I have never used this site before but we will see how it goes. Hmm, first entry? What do I say.....*ponders about it*...Ok, well I reaaaaalllly don't know what to talk about. I'm watching a marathon of Law and Order:SVU with the very sexy detective that we know as Elliot Benson. He may be old, but he is a cutie in my book. Umm, I'm guessing I am going to embed my latest video, for Twilight, on this entry since Youtube is sucking ass right now and continuously deleting all my vids. I think I might(big might) soon go on hiatus from vidding for a few weeks. It just depends how soon I get inspiration for my next video. Ok, enough with me boring anyone who is reading this. I'll try to be somewhat interesting with my next post. Hopefully I will get the hang of this site.

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Glad you decided to join LJ hun, if you need something please feel free to ask :)


Haha I will be sure to remember that hun! At the moment, I'm just testing everything out. ;D

Of all the Law and Orders, SVU is my favorite. And it's definitely because of the bald guy. XD

Haha SVU is definitely my fave out of all of them. I can never get into the normal L & W and the Criminal Intent one...uhh no haha! SVU is always interesting to me and the captain is definitely cool haha!

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