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Hey, I'm back again with my second entry because I just saw a commercial to a product that I have loathed for several years now, and I am waiting for slow ass Sony Vegas to render my video...anyway, that product is Kidz Bop. I mean....why?!? Ok, for those who don't know what Kidz Bop is, it is a cd full of recently popular songs but....the songs are not sung by the real artists, nope that wouldn't make sense at all *hint the sarcasm*, instead, they figure that they will get the kids to sing all the songs so the cd can relate to other kids. Umm...yeah... It just bothers me because they take perfectly good songs...that I love...and turn them into kiddy songs but these songs, judging from the lyrics, are not meant to be sung by kids. For example, a few years ago,"This Love" by Maroon 5 was included on the cd. Let me just point out a specific lyric that should definitely show that it should not be adapted to a kid's song. "I was so high I didn't recognize, the fire burning in her eyes, the chaos that controlled my mind...I tried my best to feed her appetite, kept her coming every night, so hard to keep her satisfied." I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want my niece and nephew to be singing these lyrics, especially when they have NO clue what those lyrics are referring to. Ok, sorry if I am ranting, but the whole idea of Kidz Bop has annoyed me. Well, that's it from me for now until I figure out something else to talk about..woot lol! Also, just to show my love for "This Love", I'm going to add the song to this post. And be sure to check out my newest video in an hour or so. I'll post it on here as well if you don't know my youtube account.

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Can't wait to see the new vid!

Lol, kids bop.

Haha thanks and I just posted it as a new entry if you still wanted to see it in its fully random glory lol! And gah Kidz Bop should have never been invented lol!

LOL It is quite disturbing when you think about it haha. But it seems to happen all the time in RL. Kids are always singing along to songs with inappropriate (for them) lyrics and I'm just like "do you have any idea what your actually saying?")

Lol! I know! So I seriously think it is an even more negative influence to make a cd with the same songs for them to continue to sing lol!

Oh, I agree about the Kidz Bop -- it's absolutely ridiculous!

(And on my way to checking out your new vid!)

It really is and yay! I hope you like the video!

The really sad part is... Most kids today actually know what the lyrics really mean.

And I agree. I hate those cds too. More than I hate "Now That's What I Call Music 480932!" Haha.

Yeah, sad, but it is becoming true but at least let the rest of the kids that are still naive to stay innocent and not know these songs true meaning lol! And gah! Now was cool with the first 5 cds but after like 80 of them came out, it is getting very old very fast. Much like the freakish Saw sequels. It got lame after the 3rd one because there is nothing else to add to it! But they keep on going and are now making a 6th one. These people have to stop! lol

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Haha! Exactly my point! And it seems, that they ALWAYS take the good songs. Can't they just make a cd with the reject songs that no one likes for once? lol

UGH. I AGREE WITH YOU. KidzBop: Destroying music since 2000 or however long theyve been around *frowns*

its because those kids woke up, realized they have no talent and went "ZOMG, I'll be in KIDZ BOP!!" and then recorded their voices then had them magically edited in the studio but no matter how many sound and voice enhancers they use, they realized they suck :[ end of story. i really do hate them. and especially the ads on TV. LMAO. They're real hilarious tho *shrugs*

Haha!!!!! OMG!! I KNOW!!! Gah, especially now, they figure, "Wow! After a million versions of Kidz Bop, we are still a hit, so why not create a kids version of youtube so we can sing and dance on there for others to see as well!" Gah I hate them haha!

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